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Forged family Athletics is here to help you achieve your ultimate physique. Where training is optimized and science based to help you become the best version of yourself physically and mentally. We’re here as a reminder that you are strong and powerful and there is nothing you cannot achieve. You’re on the rise.

Training Programs

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    Group HIIT & Circuit Training

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    Individualized Training Program Focusing On Building Strength & Muscle

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    Training Program To Improve Aerobic Fitness & Muscle Endurance

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    Starting at $45/Sess

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”


Community is an important aspect when completing your fitness journey. Having others around you with the same mission and dedication to help lift you up and hold you accountable is essential. We are a community that aims to drive each other to achieve their ultimate goals. Let's rise together!

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ON The Rise


Regardless if you’re new to the world of fitness or a seasoned athlete, there’s always room for improvement. Forged Family Athletics ensures that results are gained through the most efficient and optimal procedure. Ask our clients about their fitness journey.




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After starting my fitness journey a few years ago on my own, I often found myself inconsistent and unmotivated to stick to my workout routines. Following my first workout session with FFA, I knew this type of environment was just what I needed to reach my fitness goal. Not only have I been able to improve my cardio tremendously since starting with FFA, but I’ve also gained a passion for working out again. Every workout session is engaging and leaves me excited for the next, the instructors are continuously encouraging me to try my best, but most importantly I always leave with a smile on face. FFA has made me more confident, consistent and helped me reach and exceed my fitness goals



I didn’t use to work out regularly before. I was never motivated and always found an excuse to “do it later”. I’ve tried different types of work-out programs, but none of them ever seemed to help me achieve what I wanted. However, after starting this program with FFA, I instantly became more consistent with an exercise routine. I am now always motivated to stay in shape. I highly recommend this program to help reach your fitness goal. The personal trainers went above and beyond to push my family and I to stay on top of our game by encouraging us throughout the sessions and helped us to stay focus to attain our goal. What I enjoyed the most about these workouts was they provided multiple variations of the exercises in order to accommodate for all their participants capabilities. It’s already been a month since I started this program, and I am already very satisfied with my results.



Most people start to exercise when your doctor has told you "you need to start a diet and exercise because you are at risk". I started exercising 3 years ago and my goal was to reach 138 pounds. At that time, I weighed 156 pounds and was doing exercise on my own for 1 hour, 3 days a week. During this time, I was cautious about what I was eating, but didn’t change my diet. As a result, I only lost 5 pounds and was not content with these results. I started with FFA in January 2021 and within 3 months, I am only 3 pounds away from my initial weight goal. All these efforts that I made during these 3 years; I was able to accomplish in 3 months. Now I weigh 141 pounds. My favorite workout session was the HIIT exercises, as I spent 20 to 30 minutes working out and burned more calories than I would doing an hour workout. I wake up with more energy and look forwards when it's time to exercise. FFA has changed my life and health for the better and I would recommend it to anyone. 



I usually have no motivation when it comes to working out. It was hard to find the right combination of exercises to help me transform into a healthy weight. I kept trying different workouts, but I was never satisfied with the results. That’s when I was encouraged to start the FFA program. I was around 168lbs when I started, and I thought it would just turn out like the other ones I tried. However, after my first month doing the HIIT program, I lost 10lbs, which was extraordinary and very pleasing. My trainers did not give up on me and I kept on pushing myself. It’s surprising how 20 minutes of daily exercise can do to your body. I am now 155lbs within my first 2 months in the program. What I enjoy most about FFA is that the workouts allow you to work on your entire body without the help from extra equipment or spending countless hours at the gym. The FFA program changed my life. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who needs help attaining their goals, to anyone who wants to stay motivated, healthy and in shape. The trainers are patient, helpful, and motivates you to strive to the best of your abilities.

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