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About KSMG TRaining

Our Mission

Forged family Athletics is here to help you achieve your ultimate physique. Where training is optimized and science based to help you become the best version of yourself physically and mentally. We’re here as a reminder that you are strong and powerful and there is nothing you cannot achieve. You’re on the rise.


Matthieu Surnois

BSc Kinesiology

My name is Matthieu Surnois. Sports and fitness run in my veins. At the age of 6 I started my competing journey as a provincial level swimming athlete. By the age of 13 I developed a passion for the sport of basketball and competed at the AAU level. However, there was a little problem associated with this sport, it tends to not bring high rewards when you’re only 5’8! But I didn’t let this obstacle stop me, and I decided to pursue my fitness journey by studying Kinesiology at Brock University. This gave me the opportunity to get a more profound background in the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the human body where I excelled the most. I also got to work with the women’s basketball varsity team, where I realized that training is just as exciting as performing the sport. Being part of someone’s successful fitness journey and receiving a joyful smile at the end of a training program is more rewarding than receiving an empty trophy. It’s the client’s constant improvement, drive to achieve a greater goal and most importantly the end smile that gives me a greater passion to be a personal trainer. Currently my favorite form of fitness would be weight training followed by plyometrics. Let’s rise together!

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